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Tel: 402756

Introduction to The Council

The full Council consists of fourteen members.  Five notionally representing Ecton Brook Ward; three in Great Billing; three in Little Billing and three in Middle (Bellinge) Ward. Whilst each Ward has its own Councillors, the Parish Council works as a whole, striving to improve the appearance of our neighbourhood, its facilities, security and policing, as well as maintaining Council owned land and property for the benefit of all residents. All Councillors are unpaid volunteers living in, and serving, the community. The Council has two employees. Sue Harris is the Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer, and Chris Campling is the Green Space Manager.

Members of the Parish Council





John Marlow

Great Billing


I am retired and come from a security based background.  I have resided in the Parish for the past thirty-five years, during which time I have had the benefit of witnessing its development.  I have served on the Parish Council for the past nine years and was recently elected Chairman.  My aim is that by effective and efficient management to ensure the needs and wishes of the community are met, and that preservation and development are maintained for the benefit of all.  In short I want to see the Parish as a great place to live, work and play.

David Brede

Little Billing

07940 960241

I joined the Parish Council in 2015 and I am proud to represent my home ward.  I have lived in Little Billing since 1992 and now I have become semi retired I am able to contribute more to my community.

I am an independent health and safety and work mainly in the construction and rail industries.

Away from work I am married with two grown up boys, I am interested in politics and sport.

For the parish I would like to see the continued protection of the green spaces and is Little Billing the only community in Northamptonshire without a pub of its own?

Rev. Richard Burbidge

Ecton Brooke

01604 555186

Email:  richburbidge@googlemail.com

Mrs Gurcharan Chaggar

Bellinge (Middle)

07986 905963

John Clements

Little Billing

07764 158516

Sally Jordan

Ecton Brook)

07599 370558

Dennis Nash

Bellinge (Middle)


Michael Pearson

Great Billing


Steve Rockall

Ecton Brook


Vice-Chair  A member of the Parish Council since 1999, Steve is a retired Police Officer and has lived on Ecton Brook since 1977. A keen Northampton Saints fan, Steve is particularly interested in providing facilities for sport and other outdoor activities within the Parish.

Stephen Ward

Ecton Brook


Stephen Ward, a local businessman, was born in Northampton and has lived in Ecton Brook for 20 years. He joined the Parish Council in 2008 with the purpose of trying to improve the facilities and conditions within the Ward. His major concerns include litter, vandalism, dilapidation and security. He is always willing to listen to the views of fellow residents.

Cheryl Worthington

Great Billing


Sue Harris

Parish Clerk


Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer. Mrs Sue Harris has been in post since the Spring of 2008. As such she is normally the first point of contact with the Parish Council from the electors point of view.  Her impressive previous experience, in both the secretarial and accounting fields, was gained over the years through working in both the private and charity sectors. Since her appointment Sue has made a remarkable contribution to updating the procedures of the Council, and she has successfully completed the lengthy CiLCA Course, which is a National Qualification for Parish Clerks.

Paul Marks

Green Space Manager

07725 856784

Paul, a local resident who lives in Ecton Brook with his wife and two young daughters, commenced his employment as Green Space Manager in November 2017. He has approached his new post with great enthusiasm and is already becoming a familiar figure throughout the Parish. With the acquisition of Bellinge Field he is particulary looking forward to the 5-year project for transforming this piece of land for the benefit of the Parish.