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Notes on the activities of the Pocket Park Volunteers in 2008/09 - Spring

This year The Great Billing Pocket Park Volunteers together with Chris Campling the Green Spaces Manager for the Parish of  Billing have put in a lot of effort and once again achieved the required status for a Green Pennant from the Civic Trust.

The wild flower meadow has been managed with a view to improving the quantity of wild flowers while reducing the vigour of the large, invasive grass species.  This is accomplished by a programme of mowing and removing the grass cutting so that it more resembles the activities of cattle grazing.

The all weather paths have been maintained and a new path has been installed to allow wheelchair users to access the perimeter path around the Pocket Park.

A lot of work has been put into the recycling area where grass, leaves and tree pruning material are composted.
                                                                                   We eventually managed to rebuild a section of the old Ha Ha, having had to do the work several times.  This was due to the mindless destruction of the wall by vandals on several occasions. Materials were donated by local firm of builders merchants.  ‘ Hevey’  

Working with the Parish Council to try to achieve Green Flag status for the whole of the Park area including the playing field, pavilion and children’s playground has started.  We hope to have the application in to the new organizers of the awards, ‘Keep Britain Tidy’, before Christmas.  The Pocket Park Volunteers will also put in an application for a Green Pennant for the Pocket Park.

The trees in and around the Park have now started to turn, with some attractive colouring to be seen. It will not be long before the ground is covered with the leaves and the whole cycle starts again.


Jim Snedker

Great Billing Pocket Park Volunteers